Mayberry Spirit Co

Mount Airy, NC. is the home of Andy Griffith, a “world famous pork chop sandwich,” and a distillery that goes by the name Mayberry.

Mayberry Spirit Co crafts premium whiskeys made from distilling sorghum. The brown water inside of the bottles tasted amazing but the brand recognition and premium look was missing. The distillery contacted the Variable for a rebrand and packaging updated.

Designed while working at the Variable.


David Jones,
Creative Director

Matt Cook,
Ass. Creative Director

Gary Bostwick, Copywriter


Package Design


The identity and copywriting relay classic Americana. After all, Mt. Airy is the quintessential small American town. The logo’s ornamental elements evoke imagery of downtown architecture.

It was important that the packaging be very straight forward. Again, like town, you see what you get. Nothing overly fancy but high quality.